Maya, a seventeen year old, is passionate about Bharata Natyam. She has been learning Bharata Natyam for the past fourteen years from Dr Nalini Rau and has been performing since she was three. Maya is now a lead solo performer and associate instructor of the Natya Anubhava Dance Academy. She has performed in over eighty  shows including the United Nations, New York City Hall, Jewish Museum, Javitz, The Arts Westchester, the Hindu Temple, Sri Ranganatha Temple, SMVA, Sambodh, AKKA Balitmore.  Maya has led various workshops and demonstrations in the Tri State area including in Mercy college, Horace Mann.  She has played lead roles in most dance productions of the academy including the Dasha avatara, Naari, Krishna, Govina kate and Jivan. She has choreographed segments of the dance drama Govina Kate and several dance pieces including thillanas, pushpanjalis, varnams, padams and kirtanas. Maya has learned classical Carnatic music from Smt. Ranjani Veni Madhavan for nine years, and has been learning the flute for 11 years from Ms. Rebecca Kuel and Ms.Lisa Lutton at the Mozartina Conservatory. For the past eight years she has seriously pursued mrudangam with Sri Balaskandan, and has been delighted with the opportunities to accompany dancers and musicians on the mrudangam. Maya is an avid student of Sanskrit and has tremendous interest in Robotics.

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